Friday, February 8, 2008

La Sportiva Crosslite

With Spring fever on the rise, this season's new shoes are starting to make their way into the consumer zone. The shoes I have been anxiously waiting for are the Crosslite and Skylite from La Sportiva. I have always kept a good variety of shoes in my rotation, but La Sportiva has always been the mainstay- more specifically, the Slingshot.
While the Skylite is not due out until March, the Crosslite is HERE! I ordered a pair, and they arrived a couple days ago. I had been chomping at the bit to give 'em a go, and wouldn't you know it . . . the UPS guy literally pulled up right as I came in the house after my day's workout. So, all I could do was try them on. Man, what a fit! Like a glove! In the days that followed, I gave the Crosslite a good workout. Day 1 was an easy 10 on grass, rocks, and mild mud, and I just couldn't stop thinking about how comfortable the shoe was, AND being so psyched about how flexible and light it felt. Day 2 was more of a test, as I hit 18 miles of up & down trail with plenty of water and shoe sucking mud. The Crosslite pulled me right though it all, and left the mud behind. Excellent water drainage, too. This shoe did not disappoint! The only thing that bums me out is that La Sportiva North America is not offering the sweet Red version of both these new shoes.
Louisville's Lovin' The Hills 50k is happening next weekend, which usually means snow. If so, the Crosslites will get the call.
As the trails get dry I will also be looking forward to getting back to my Slingshots, Puma Cortlandt II (thanks Tony!), and trying Pearl Izumi's new Peak XC, and of course the Skylite.


mtnrunR said...

tim and erica,
congratulations on the new baby boy!!! such a wonderful gift to start the year off.

you are so lucky that you can run in such light shoes for such long distances. i wish i could. but heck, i probably weigh 20 pounds more than you. i guess i gotta quit eating that extra bowl of ice cream every night.

you will have a blast pacing this year. it is fun to help for those top ten guys!!!

have fun in your 50k!!! i pretty much will be doing a 50k every saturday for a while now, just a whole heck of a lot slower than you!!!

hope to see you at waldo again!!! it is the OPEN and MASTERS 100k Championship this year. It will be fun to watch you fast guys tear it up!!!

Congratulations again on the new born son. How fun!!!

best wishes,

Brennen said...

Nuttin' says you're hotdoggin' it quite like ketchup and mustard-colored shoes. And all I can say is your better off in the more subdued colors, unless, of course, you're aiming to make every run look like you're trying to outshine the horses on Derby Day.

Despite being morbidly obese, I decided to try a pair of the minimalist Inov-8 315s. Zipped around Central Park this morning like nobody's business, though we'll see if I end up crying like a baby on the Harriman/Bear Mountain rocks. Anyhow, I'm skipping them this weekend to focus on the washing machine out at Caumsett Park. If I see any of your childhood friends roaming about, I'll give them an update if they're willing to run a lap or two with me.

BTW, what kind of blog is this? Where's the LLTH's race report? You're fans are wanting to know how you pulled off that second-place finish.

Oh, and where did you buy the Brooklyn Blackout Cake? Debra hits the big 4-0 next week, and she seems to want to console herself in a mountain of chocolate.

alex said...

Congrats on joining the blogosphere. I added your blog to my rss feed, so keep it coming.

olga said...

You are one lazy blogger:) but baby is a great excuse!

Kentucky Hill Goat said...

Where is the damn content on this blog?

Justin said...

I have done a couple runs in my La Sportiva so far and they have been great. Have a good year!